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Information about non verbal communication skills (Fundamental of communication)

Key Differences Between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication


The following points explain the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication in detail:

1)   The use of words in communication is Verbal communication. The communication which is based on signs, not on words is Non-verbal communication.




2)  There are very fewer chances of confusion in verbal communication between the sender and receiver. Conversely, the chances of misunderstanding and confusion in non-verbal communication are very much as the use of language is not done.



3)    In verbal communication, the interchange of the message is very fast which leads to rapid feedback. In opposition to this, the non-verbal communication is based more on understanding which takes time and hence it is comparatively slow.



4)  In verbal communication, the presence of both the parties at the place of communication is not necessary, as it can also be done if the parties are at different locations. On the other hand, for an effective non-verbal communication, both the parties must be there, at the time of communication.



5)  In verbal communication, the documentary evidence is maintained if the communication is formal or written. But, there is no conclusive evidence in case of non-verbal communication. 



6)  Verbal communication fulfills the most natural desire of humans – talk. In the case of Non-verbal communication, feelings, status, emotions, personality, etc are very easily communicated, through the acts done by the parties to the communication.


       Sign Language

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